Thursday, 29 November 2012


TSG with that fine young Actor and Comedian Chris Ramsey of BBC Tvs Comedy Soap HEDBURN.

Now Chris has just paid £1500 for an empty Box, I kid you not... This £ 1500 was assured to the Stroke Association without even knowing it would contain the Max Lacroix watch I had won at The Facebook Open.

Many Thanks Chris, hope to see it on TV one day.  

Sunday, 30 September 2012


This week, TSG should have been playing in The Pinhul Open in Portugal, but the wifes back problems forced me to pull out giving me opportunity to fully watch this years competition.

In a few hours time, The USA will complete a clynical, comprehensive thourhghly deserved victory at magnificent Medinah. indeed only the size of the battering remains in doubt as the Europeans have only pride and in some cases faltering reputations to play for. It seems ridiculous to consider that in this walloping Tiger has been pointless.

Two year ago, capt Faldo was pilloried after what on reflection can now be considered quite a valiant performance at valhalla and I sense the knives are now out for Jose in a similar vein. I find this quite incredulous in a contest so flagrently in favour of the host side. consider the USAs disasterous record in the past two decades when crossing the pond, Europe have by comparison been very succesful. With the dice so loaded to the home teams advantage any Home Captain worth his salt should deliver. Doctoring the course, picking wildcards in form and the USA have 4 of these to Europes two. Picking pairs who work and make the home crowd raucous and boisterous to an often unacceptable degree, then its no wonder its been such a calamatous defence by the Europeans. It has remained a riveting spectacle and it has to be acknowledged produced some sensational golf of the highest quality albeit mainly by the USA.  am I alone however in finding the football crowd antics and behaviour , unacceptable and out of place in any golf contest. be were you dont reap what you so. If chicago can do this and its acceptable, then what about 30,000 Scots at Gleneagles in 2014 when hogmany comes early.It wont be long till some poor protaganist has a 6 foot putt aka Langer at Kiawah and on his putting stroke is greeter with a chourus of boos. If thers any justice it will happen to the guys who have positively whipped upp this level of hysteria, maybe Bubba, Bradley or even Poults.  We need to get back to basic concepts, Golf is a sport were the cheering starts when the ball has stopped moving and theres no place for the support, laughter , encouragement of failure.

At Gleneagles, the Rough is likely to be like a Jungle, the greens slow, weather wet and windy. The captain may, although unlikely have more impact on selection and then the drunken scots hoards could play there part. WELCOME TO THE HIGHLANDS Team USA.

Anyway the BRITS wont capitulate for long, TSG of to Florida to play in the Florida Open and the WORLD WOODS golf channell event, beware USA, the fightback Begins here!!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sensational Summer

What really can you say, Facebook open champion, Facebook pairs champion, British  Par 3 Team champions once again. Followed up with a 3rd position in the g tour qualifier at Moor Allerton which all but ensures a semi final berth at Belton Woods and keeps the qualifying final at Aphrodite Hills  in Cyprus very much in focus. July and August very much saw TSG reach an unprecedented level of success and all this at a time we were moving to theYorkshire Dales..... Oh. Happy heady days.

Great Times at st.Andrews
In July, Karen and I with our good friends roger (Peg) and his wife Chris ( cheeky Chablis) headed up to St.Andrews to play in the inaugural Facebook Community Open a three day comp over the dukes, Torrance and kittocks courses. Superbly organised by local entrepreneur and Yorkshire lad Steve Cooke who with his family have to be wholeheartedly pris and thanked for making this event so memorable. A you now know, Tsg pretty cleaned up but this event was so much more than golf withcompetitorsfrom all over Europe, Australia and the good ole US of A....

With Robbie Harrison and Peter Harewood.... GREAT GUYS!!!

 It had a truly cosmopolitan and  international feel and the new friendships forged and made are far more important than the golfing titles.  Day 1 at the dukes our four all with Robbie and the mercurial Peter Harewood who sprayed the all everywhere but with style, grace And a smile was a great day for means peg. Our golf was ok without being dynamic....

 We struggled at times but fought for every point. I scored 34, peg 31 and we led the team event and was 2nd and 5th respectively in the individual.. Moving to the Fairmont to playitstwo ourse day 2 saw peg struggle a touch, I peppered the flag relentlessly but couldn't translate into birdies. We still led the team, I with 34 again, third in the individual, three adrift. The last day at the kittocks and whilst I didn't play as well really as I had at the Torrance the day before. Two birdies, a nearest to the pin and a Third day without a blob saw me compile a 39 top score on the day. Particular praise to a very sore Roger who despite bringing considerable pain and discomfort, bravely soldiered on to compile a score which ensured a comfortable team victory.
Ian and Peg on the Swilken Bridge, later in the week we were invited to
tour the R & A

The week culminated with a magnificent presentation at Old Course Hotel. Nicklaus famously said you had to win at the home of golf and TSG did. Great week, great company, fabulous golf, memorable event. Thank you to all who made it so enjoyable.
winning the magnificent prize from gOLFOON a 3000Euro Swizz Watch
which I explain will be donated to The Stroke Association
Powering my Tee shot away at The Dukes

Peg an I ponder my club selection
Heading south to the magnificent, stately Nailcote Hall and the annual British Par 3 extravaganza. The team event saw peg and I joined up with skitty our celeb was the Big Break winner Mark Murphy. A fine young man who played exceptional golf all week. In the team event we were imperious and at 16 under clear winners for a second year. Whilst the 3 amateurs all chipped in.... Mark was the star of the occasion.we were joined by gorgeous Eye Candy caddie, Rebecca Keen who brought much needed glamour to our colourful team.

The winning TSG defending Champions

 In the main comp I was paired with Mr Trilby , 2008 winner Steve Cowle, once gain we had a great time but frankly never threatened to pull of a victory in the event for my cup THE HALLIWELL Cup, congrats to James Graham who I played with in 2010 when I won the event, clearly he learned something. The week culminated in the final team event when I joined the Nailcote Hall select team featuring great mate and trick shot star David Edwards and fine veteran Maurice Bembridge. Another first place to end in my opinion the best ever BP3. Thanks to Rick and Sue from Nailcote. Rick the course gets better. John and the Champions team.. U r all stars..... Many thanks.

My new home Town, Hawes in Wensleydale

Our new business no time to golf


                                      The putt that give big Steve second, how did it slip by

Then a third at splendid moor Allerton and an enjoyable day with old mate Steve Howarth who finished second..... What a golfing month.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

LIVING THE DREAM Release details

Here it is, in all its glory.... The Social Golfers second book...."Living the Dream"..... A golf and Travel book that covers my continued recovery from stroke.... featuring sections on Competitive Golf..... my efforts around the globe, some success, plenty of failure but a plethora of great memories.
My epic Round the World in 80 day trip is ofcourse well featured as are  my other trips to destinations not normaaly considered as Golf Hotspots but readon!!!  TSG will always find some golf.... even in VENICE.....   Disabilities Golf is ofcourse covered as well as a general po pourri of golfing trivia, jokes and humour always found in 19th holes everywhere.
      Book will also be available on ebay.... Hardback, full colour over 250 pages   £14.99  $20.00

                       Team TSG, Villa legend Bobby Thomson, TSG, Peg and Skitty
                                               Clinch another title
The Official Launch quite fittingly will be at THE BRITISH PAR 3 at the revamped, more difficult, splendid Cromwell Course at Nailcote Hall.  Pesky RICK CRESSMAN (Mr BP3) has put more water hazards in play.

Prior to this TSG and Peg (Roger Hurcombe) head up to the home of Golf at St.Andrews for a week long festival of golf. If the boat from China ( bringing my books ) is not delayed I may have some available here. We shall see.
Reunion Where I won on the Golf Channel Tour... Guuys make hay before I return.          

July is shaping up to be quite a busy time.. TSG PRO   Mark ( the HONEY) Mouland is on tour both in Europe and the Champions Tour in USA.... i am pleased to say he his playing some great very competitive golf.... must be all my tips.  LOL....  Peg is off to Holland for the Dutch Open, with Andy Gardiner ( the new Czech Open Champ) in the EDGA ( disabilities) Tour. Good luck to both guys.
David Bulger has been joined by Paddy James Rearden on the Golf Channell AM Tour in Orlando. I wish them well because when i return later in the year, I intend to kick their butts.

Mottram last year, can I go one better.

TSG heads of to bunkerfest 3 at Belton Woods, were I did ofcourse clean up last year. Not sure if my game is aquite at same standard think I peeked at our TEAM Social Golfer victory in the Show AM last month..... but youve gotta be in it to win it. Then of to Mottram for the G Tour event I was runner up here in 2011 and I do play the course quite well, so heres hoping. Then St Andrews and the BP3. Sadly as we are house moving it appears I wont make the British Disabled Open  so let Peg, Andy and Tony clean up, I hope.    Then its of to Portugal end of Sept for the Obidus Classic then back to states for the Florida Open and my USA Book Launch.

KEEP WELL and in GOOD HEALTH......                 HAPPY GOLF is GOOD GOLF....
                                                               Hit it HARD MY FRIENDS

The Last time the Florida Open was at Kissimme Bay in 2009 look who won!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Florida 2012 an update

Victory on the Golf Channel Tour.

Arriving in early April, my schedule including 4 events on the Golf Channel Tour and 2 events on the Golf week tour. My expectations were not particularly high, but i simply hoped to pick up enough ranking points on both tours to qualify for the national Finals at Sawgrass and Hilton Head respectively.

                                               Fantastic Redtail in  Sorrento, North of orlando.

My first event at a windy Redtail introduced me to a guy I was to become particularly friendly with on Tour, David Bulger. I put up quite a decent performance considering I was only 48 hours of the plane. In the end a couple of holes were to prove costly, particularly a out of bounds drive on the 4th, after a wicked bounce of the cartpath. A solid back nine ensured a top 5 position and my first points on the Golf Channel Tour.
                    Magnificent palm Disney, were Luke Donald clinched the US Money List.

The following weekend saw the first Major a two dayer at Disney Palm and Magnolia, the same set up that hosts the PGA Miracle Clasic, so famously won by Luke Donald in 2011. I played much better here over both days, finishing 4th, just 4 shots off the win. A disaterous snowman  (eight) at Magnolias shortest hole the 3rd, effectively costing me the title. I actually hit the 135 yard green and rolled of the back behind a tree, then made so many wrong choices. However more points accrued.

                                                     Osprtey Ridge another Disney Classic

From here bouyed my improved play, i headed off to another Disney Course, were I finished second by one shot at the fabulous Osprey Ridge. Annoyingly I missed a Tiddler on eighteen which would have forced a play off. Getting closer and more points.

                                                   Lake Jovita  North Course

I then crossed over to the Golfweek Tour, were I had toe weekends to try and facilitate a return to Hilton Head for the US Nationals having qualified in 2009 and 2010 finishing both times in the top thirty . It was an opportunity to meet up with my great mate James Rearden. Lake Jovita North and South Courses, in Dade City, North of Tampa hosted The Tampa Tours first major. James and I are usually ultra competitive but this weekend, neither of us could handle the rock hard unbelievably quick, James had a good Sunday which propelled him to a close 3rd. Sadly I was a quite distant 4th.                                                                                  Southern \Dunes   Haines City

The following weekend, the Golfweek Tour returned to Southern Dunes, the scene of my Big major win in 2009. I was paired with James and Dana Turgeon, great Hilton hEad mates, so a fun round was assured. James played quite superb, blowing us all away on the front nine but after the turn, I became a par and birdie macine, climbing the leaderboard. The heat was horrendous, the round took 6 and half hours. I certainly think this cost James the title, he finished runner up. I hung on in their for another top 5 finish. 
                           Final hole  Watson Course at the Magnificent Reunion Complex.

Reunion is the closest course to my home in Florida, it features three exceptional courses designed by Watson, Palmer and Nicklaus. I had played the icklaus with  great supporter of Disabilities golf David Windsor but had not touched base on the others despite driving past many times over the years. Everything went well and quite simply I was sublime in my course management. Hitting and splitting every fairway to give me my victory by 4 shots over great guy David Bulger, fresh of his win at Grand Cypress the week before.

 I also this trip got opportunity to play with my Toys for Tots Winning Scrambe partner Scott Ramey and fellow Brit Mark. The round at Providence proving pivotal in my victory in the final Tour Event at Watson. On a difficult day, hard course, i compiled 36 points, level par, which put me in confident mood for my Floridian swansong. Equally my day at Reunion with Dave playing with a respected PGA Teacher also was key to my success. Finally, it would be remiss not to thank European PGA Legend and very close friend Mark Mouland who styed with me early in the trip whilst on the Champions Tour. Particularly his insight into the Sunday at the Masters will never be forgotte.  Thanks to you all GUYS.
Clubs packed, heading back to uk for summer. Fortunately after several close finishes, victory in my last tour event at reunion, a fitting reward I think for the hard work I have put in. 5th at Redtail, 4th in the Disney masters, 2nd at Osprey Ridge....also 4th at lake jovita and 5th at Southern Dunes.. Today's thought..... Never stop believing, work hard, accept the bad bounces, make the good ones count..Sometimes you just need to keep going to the well. Very proud that I have a lovely trophy to bring home, especially in Stroke Awareness month. Options to return for the nationals as well. Mission accomplished.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Here it is the first draft of the second Social Golfer book... "LIVING THE DREAM".
The further adventures features a section on all the competitions played all over the world, with particular emphasis on Dubai, South Africa, Tasmania and South Carolina. Again much more than s golf book, a travellers Almanac as well. The second section features the epic 80 day Around the World Trip featruring Singapore, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii, Vancouver, Pebble Beach, Vegas and Coastal Florida. the 3rd Section features beautiful cities and places with no significant golf pedigree but were golf can be found. Venice, Barcelona, Bergen & Madeirs plus
a guest article " An American perspective on the home of Golf Scotland . The final section features articles on Disabled Golfers & Stroke Related issues, Golf in Portugal and Mauritius and a Guest article on Cambodia... Superbly illustrated, profits again to The Stroke Association.
It is expected to retailat £19.99 or $29.99 P & P Included... Signed copies available from the author. Contact
the Uk Book Launch will be at The British Par 3 August 2012
the USA Launch at the Florida Disabilities Open 13th October 2012
Launches in South Africa and Australia to follow
book is quite spectacularly illustrated.

Monday, 2 January 2012


TSG Back on Tour in 2012


( Team TSG) at DE Vere Mottram Hall

Golf Channel Tour USA

Saturday 7th April @ RED TAIL Sorrento, Florida
14th & 15th April THE DISNEY MASTERs Palm & Magnolia, Disney
21st April @ OSPREY RIDGE , Disney, Orlando, Florida
12th May @ REUNION, Watson, Independence, Florida

North Central Florida Golfweek Tour

5th & 6th May MISSION Inn Major El Campeon & Los Colinas
22nd & 23rd Sept WORLD WOODS Major Rolling Oaks and Pine Barrens

Tampa Bay Golf week Tour

28th & 29th April MAJOR @ LAKE JOVITA, Dade City, Florida.
15th & 16th Sept MAJOR @ LAKEWOOD RANCH, Bradenton, Florida

Edwin Watts Tour

19th May @ STONEY BROOK WEST, Orlando, Florida

10th June Team TSG, SHOW AM 25th Anniversary Classic

8th & 9th July BUNKERFEST 3 @ BELTON LAKES, Grantham, UK

28th July to 2nd August FACEBOOK OPEN @ St.Andrews

7th August to 10th August BRITISH PAR 3 Championship....... Nailcote Hall, Coventry

9th Sept... team TSG Frank Worthington Classic

13th October Florida Open at Kissimmee Bay,

dates to follow for UK G Tour Events,

Nov possible trip to Australian Open in Adelaide & South Australian Open

dec...... Team TSG Xmas Charity Scramble at Stdley Wood, Oxford....

dates to follow for American Nationals.