Thursday, 15 August 2013

The British Par 3 Championship 2013

Early August only means one thing.  Magnificent Nailcote Hall and the Cromwell Course. Team Social Golfer looking for an unprecedented third successive Team Title. At the end of the week TSG had added two more titles to his BP3 portfolio.
Looking majestic as ever.

So the Tuesday Celeb amateur, the premier Team Event.... and Team TSG..... Peg, Roger Hurcombe, the Ledge Steve Skitt and TSG this year joined by Big Brother winner and DIY Guru, Craig Phillips. For those unaware of cRaigs story, this affable scouser gave his winnings away to support a downs syndrome young lady. he hasraised thousands to assis in her care since. A Gentleman in every sense of the word. a high handicapper, playing of 14 here ( half handicap) his expectations were it was fair to say not high, but he was soon to see the defending champions had high hopes.

A delighted Craig, with his trophies and awards.

It would be fair to say we absolutely dismantled the field.... from Craigs first shot to the hear of the Green and a nett birdie, everyone was on top form.  TSG holed everything.... we did not blob or bogey a hole. 

                                    The 3 Time Team Social Golfer, Champions @ the British Par 3

                                                    TSG part of the Presentation Party

                          TSG explains to good mate Shell Macrae, just how i sank thar birdie putt.
                                                                          TSG in Action
                        With Pro Jamie Little, a fine partner and young man in the Pro Am. sadly two under was                                                                                never enough.
TSG has launced a draw into the crowd and hit a spectator, not a happy feeling.

more pics next time.