Sunday, 30 September 2012


This week, TSG should have been playing in The Pinhul Open in Portugal, but the wifes back problems forced me to pull out giving me opportunity to fully watch this years competition.

In a few hours time, The USA will complete a clynical, comprehensive thourhghly deserved victory at magnificent Medinah. indeed only the size of the battering remains in doubt as the Europeans have only pride and in some cases faltering reputations to play for. It seems ridiculous to consider that in this walloping Tiger has been pointless.

Two year ago, capt Faldo was pilloried after what on reflection can now be considered quite a valiant performance at valhalla and I sense the knives are now out for Jose in a similar vein. I find this quite incredulous in a contest so flagrently in favour of the host side. consider the USAs disasterous record in the past two decades when crossing the pond, Europe have by comparison been very succesful. With the dice so loaded to the home teams advantage any Home Captain worth his salt should deliver. Doctoring the course, picking wildcards in form and the USA have 4 of these to Europes two. Picking pairs who work and make the home crowd raucous and boisterous to an often unacceptable degree, then its no wonder its been such a calamatous defence by the Europeans. It has remained a riveting spectacle and it has to be acknowledged produced some sensational golf of the highest quality albeit mainly by the USA.  am I alone however in finding the football crowd antics and behaviour , unacceptable and out of place in any golf contest. be were you dont reap what you so. If chicago can do this and its acceptable, then what about 30,000 Scots at Gleneagles in 2014 when hogmany comes early.It wont be long till some poor protaganist has a 6 foot putt aka Langer at Kiawah and on his putting stroke is greeter with a chourus of boos. If thers any justice it will happen to the guys who have positively whipped upp this level of hysteria, maybe Bubba, Bradley or even Poults.  We need to get back to basic concepts, Golf is a sport were the cheering starts when the ball has stopped moving and theres no place for the support, laughter , encouragement of failure.

At Gleneagles, the Rough is likely to be like a Jungle, the greens slow, weather wet and windy. The captain may, although unlikely have more impact on selection and then the drunken scots hoards could play there part. WELCOME TO THE HIGHLANDS Team USA.

Anyway the BRITS wont capitulate for long, TSG of to Florida to play in the Florida Open and the WORLD WOODS golf channell event, beware USA, the fightback Begins here!!!!