Tuesday, 25 October 2011


The sartorial TSG Tees off at Pebble Beach

I have like most golfers been enthralled as and when the top list of courses is published by such luminaries as Golf Digest and Golf World..... A combination of votes cast by the chosen select few. I have now played over 1000 courses world wide, left a divot on every continent and a ball in every ocean so whilst on nobodies list of select invitees, I do believe my top ten as having validity in that I have played each and every one of these courses. equally my list is done on one over riding premise..... the enjoyment factor.... not how hard, how many majors the course has held..who designed it but... SIMPLY WHICH DID I ENJOY PLAYING THE MOST. My enjoyment basis is computable by a triumvirate of considerations.......... firstly value for money secondly beauty of the course and location...finally .. the course as a golf challenge..

Why pick 12 and not ten, I will be honest two reasons

it will be easier to put on my 2012 calender and i was struggling to narrow it down to ten

on this basis I commend the following

1. Royal Melbourne

Number one by a country mile.... Two autonomous quality course the East and the West that for competitions such as the Presidents Cup become one the COMPOSITE taking 12 from the west and 6 from the East. this should not intimate that the East is the weaker course... this amalgamation was done simply as a beneficial expedient initially in 1959 for the Canada Cup... now The World Cup to simply avoid the busy roads that cross both courses and facilitate easier logistics for spectators. these courses are simply one of the most fantastic designs on the planet, Something outstanding and exceptional really was inevitable given that many of the earliest members had their origins in St.Andrews and the outstanding natural terrain of the course was so similar the Scottish links dune land. Given the principal architect was the Peerless Dr Alister Mackenzie, Cypress Point and Augusta National would follow for this doyen of he Inter War period. backed up by Alex Russell and Green keeper Claude Crockford.... the 3 wise men produced two masterpieces. When I played besides the outstanding design... in the first book I comment principally on the Greens, definitely the best I have encountered.. Ernie Eels ( 2002) you wont putt on better greens than these all year"... and the Bunkers.... and I found plenty with the strategic placing and careful design.... yet I just were not bothered so enjoyable the contest of man against nature is on this course. it is a 1920's design and does need lengthening.... difficult in view of the original design... but i will watch the 2012 Cup with interest.. they were trying to make it Tiger proof when i visited.... how times change. A full detailed review can be found in the first Social Golfer book.

2. Pebble Beach

Jack Nicklaus famously said " if he had but one round left to play it would be at Pebble. Yes it is that good.... Historic, spectacular,difficult and unique the coast holes in particular are mesmeric.

AND anyone can play it, it is a municipal... OK a bit costly but far easier to get on than St.Andrews for example. A full detailed SG review in new book when I stayed at Pebble Lodge overlooking the 18th and also played Spyglass and Spanish Links.

3. Kauri Cliffs

This my last course I would want to play.... why.... well for Karen and I found the Kauri experience to be the most romantic, idyllic, special golfing week of our life. The Lodge has everything..... Michelin dining, fine wines, super Spa.... the Location is stunning overlooking the Bay of Islands the views are sensational and the course is a bit tasty too... we found the experience here better than its sister course at the Farm at Cape Kidnappers which was also absolutely fabulous. again fully reviewed both in new book.... another reason to buy it guys.

4. Gary Player Country Club

Located in the Sun City Complex....... simply the best place on the planet for a group of guys or couples to visit. This course home of the 12 man annual million dollar challenge has it all. It is always pristine and in immaculate condition. Its Gary Player design has stood the test of time.... 9, 17 and 18 are sublimely outstanding holes that live in the memory. Its sister course the lost city ain't no slouch with the famous crocodile pit either. Again covered both fully in first book. Sun City is a resort any discerning golfer should visit some time.

5. The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

Today the Emirates may not be considered by some pundits the best even in Dubai, with the Els, Montgomeries, The creek et al exceptional courses.... but when I visited Dubai, I only wanted to play, the original, the one, the iconic Emirates with two equally exceptional tracks. How you can consider building this Course in these conditions in the Desert is a modern day wonder now often replicated across the middle east..... but this the first real Desert course may have been imitated but rarely I believe bettered. again pricey but then everything in Dubai is..... reviewed in The Living the Dream book.

6. Tecina Golf, La Gomera, The Canary Islands

I doubt any where will this appear in any top ten list, why then does it deserve to be in mine then. Those who have the first book, the front cover, is the 4th at Tecina one of 18 spectacular holes on a hillside cliff falling down to the beach. the club house is at the 18th you need a 2 mile journey up the hill to the first tee. Quirky, unique a fair challenge and in fine condition and sensational vistas, I doubt anyone who ever plays here wont want to return. Covered in first book.

7. Flamingo Golf, Monastir, Tunisia

again, I doubt this would appear in any classics listing, but this place is special to me. Allow a bit of indulgence, its where I played my first ever overseas round... won my first ever overseas competition, so the memories are rather special. Tunisia is in my mind a very much neglected golfing oasis on the African med.... the courses are well maintained, superbly designed and compared with the rest of the med, unbelievable value for money often less than £20 per round. golf in the sun don't get any better.

8. The Jockey Club, Hong Kong

This 3 course complex on two islands in Hong Kong Bay is rather special... you can only get there by ferry a rather daunting , intimidating twenty min ride which does give sensational vistas weather permitting. A splendid clubhouse and 3 championship courses await. Great value for money an essentially unique oriental experience, but the golf is challenging and absorbing. reviewed in first book.

9. Golf Du Chateau, Mauritius

once again this may not be considered the best in these islands of nine or ten very special courses. Le Trossuck for one but I ain't played them so this course will pass muster representing them all. It is a superb coastal course designed around plantations and a hillside. The natural beauty of the location is consolidated into each of the 18 holes. Add to that a course that was in as good a condition as any I played this year it was a wonderful prize I won by winning the British Par 3. Reviewed fully with details of more Mauritius golf in The Living the dream Book.

10. Pria Del Rey, Obidus, Portugal

I have found golf in Spain and Portugal to be often very Americanised and theres nowt really wrong with that but it can also extremely costly especially the best courses like Vilamora and Valderrama. I also had until my visit to Obidus every found a true links on the Iberian Peninsula. The Del Rey is a links akin, Pebble and Royal St Georges but certainly in respect of the latter far more sensational vistas. It perhaps only has 2 really truly magnificent holes but is great value for money compared to its southerly more highly rated courses on the Algarve. I thought it was great. again reviewed in the new book.

11. Koolau Golf Club Oahu, Hawaii

If you played the course reputed to be the hardest in the world how can you not include this in your list. Is it that difficult, Yes most certainly but its as spectacular as it is difficult. They say you need as many balls as your handicap... well yes you do, you wont ever forget a round here.Reveiwed in new book.

12. Nailcote Hall, Berkswell, Coventry.

Home of the British Par 3 Championship, this 9 hole course gets in because it is that good as a stand alone challenge. I do not know any of my peers who have not loved this place, its intricate pin placements, its natural beauty.... in my opinion the number one soc golf competition in the world. Tony Jacklin said it were like playing a major championship around a country manor when a tea party was on. Maybe, different and certainly unique but as the professional scores reflect a considerable challenge.

This list has more than a bit of self indulgence in it..and yes it could be seen as a tad pretentious.. but it is A SOCIAL GOLFERS TOP 12, not a Pro Golfer or a Travel or Golf Writers List and I feel it reflects what I and most of my peers would want from a golfing experience...

Monday, 17 October 2011


TSG Teeing off

I play golf because I LOVE GOLF.... I enjoy the thrill of an against nature and its elements... "I always smell the Roses" ( Ben Hogan ), I simply find golf courses beautiful creations.....

I play GOLF because it is good for both my soul and health. After my tumour in 96 and stroke in 06, golf has always been a major catalyst for my ongoing recovery. "There are no bad rounds of Golf save that last one we will ever play" Bernard Hunt.

I play Golf because of the camaraderie and friendships that I have formed over many years. In no other walk of my life have these acquaintances often formed so briefly over just a simple round, lasted and endured and given me some much joy and often comfort.

I play Golf because it makes me HAPPY. "Happy Golf is Good Golf, even the best Golf, so we are all capable of playing good golf and playing our best." Gary Player.

That is why annually I travel over 6000 miles to play in The Florida Open for Golfers with Disabilities. This year saw my fourth visit and I am a proud ex champ having clinched the prestigious title in 2009 at Kissimmee Bay Golf Club.... but although I certainly went with the desired aim of recapturing the coveted title, the event was far more than just a competition to me. it was an annual opportunity to renew friendships, discuss well being and simply enjoy the company of some of the friendliest, nicest, bravest people I have ever met. It was this competition and watching the impressive ways that amputees, brain injured survivors etc., dealt and coped with their difficulties, overcame them thru fortitude, technology, cussedness and a total love of life and the game, that led me back home in the Uk to devote The Social Golfer concept to actively promoting the cause of Disabilities Golf and now becoming actively involved in the UK. So in many ways returning to Florida is a homecoming to my rebirth as a golfer... it remains the only competition I will annually commit too, it is that important to me and quite frankly, that enjoyable.

Brew in action

The competition for it is still despite my procrastinations above, primarily a golf competition was played out this year at Long Marsh Golf Club, Rotunda just south of Venice on the Gulf Coast. Once again I was paired with my great friend and mucker Charles Brugh. (Brew) His story needs little introduction to most TSGers but save to say how this guy is alive and playing golf is in itself the biggest achievement I personally have ever come across. It was great to see again defending champ Steve Shipeleski a fine guy and great one handed golfer.. he was the man to beat I was sure. The past two years rounds with brew lasted 6 to 7 hours such was the difficulties he endures to play this most beautiful of games. This year we went round in just over 5 hours testament to his ongoing improvement and recovery, a lot of which he puts down to golf. He scored 113 had a super par5 on the 14th and played 14 thru 17 at just 3 over. This for me was the highlight of the entire day as his No 1 English caddy encouraged and motivated his mucker to play the golf of his life. Every round with thi guy i spiritually uplifting and fulfilling. Playing of fwd tees a course of just over 5000 yards obviously made it much easier for me. I discussed with the pro my handicap and agreed to reduce it to 7 for this competition. There was a net category as well as the Gross. I shot 73, bogeying miserably the last.. a costly error. I had beaten Steve he shot 76 off ten we led the net as well with 66, so my reduced handicap proved to be a fair one. My Gross Score led until the last fourball, when a superb one under 71 was declared..... was I disappointed, yes, but the winners story equally as enthralling,an ex air force serviceman, injured playing American football I believe, had actually designed a caliper to assist his golf having never played up to 6 years ago he his know a single digit player and this is now available for many suffering similar joint problems. He certainly deserved the title and is a very worthy champion. A super buffet followed courtesy of the club and then the presentations and awards were made. here Dave and Joe make the day so special involving all the participants, so you become truly aware of every ones difficulties and life changing stories and of course the considerable work done by so many organisations to help golfers with difficulties. I won a King Cobra Driver but having snapped my Ping G10 and replacing it already by a new G15 on this trip, I got great pleasure donating it to a local Veterans Golf Day for a prize in their February event which I will commitments not withstanding try to get over to play.

Uplifted, fulfilled I had played VERY HAPPY GOLF, been reasonably successful and helped my mucker continue his golfing adventure. Mr Joe Styne now a noted author himself, said some very complimentary about me , I very nearly blushed. I certainly hope some of my Uk chums hopefully PegLeg Roger for sure, the new EDGA Rapello in Italy Champion may join me in 2012.

A special Thanks of course to Joe and Florida Golf Magazine for sponsoring the event again.... Dave at the Adaptive Sports Golf for his organisation, support and encouragement. Long Marsh Golf Club for putting on a wonderful event. The course was in superb condition, Greens wonderful, design stunning, I will return. the Staff from Catering, Pro Shop thru Green Staff etc., all deserve extra commendation for the patient, pleasant often humorous way the dealt with 40 golfers not of the norm!!.

But principally, I thank my fellow competitors who are the real reason for the success of this competition. A Joy to be with, a pleasure to play with, I am proud to be associated with you all.

Keep playing HAPPY GOLF

Finally though to Brew, my confidante, mentor.... we will break 100 next year..... 2016 Olmpics remains our joint goal.... and if anyone can.... you can.... Fear of failure does not worry us, not reaching our potential certainly Does...

I could simply eulagise about this competition all day long...... Laughter permitates round the course from holes one to eighteen as golfers despite their respective difficulties and disadvantages show an unbridalled passion and enthusiasm for this pastime I so love. Each encouraging each other over every shot, celebrating the good ones, commiserating the not so good.

So a gamut of emotions, Disappointment I didnt win, tempered by the Excitement of participation, Joy at renewal of friendships.... Thrill of playing such a beautiful course.

Roll on 2012.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Success, Disappointment but plenty of Satisfaction

The Chuckle Brothers or the Blues Brothers, TSG and Peg at the BP3 before tiredness set in.

The winning TSG Team

August and September was always going to be the business end of the season, starting with the British Par 3, culminating with the final chance to book a trip to Cyprus on the G Tour, inter sped with my first visit to he British Disabled Open and the prestigious PEOPLES OPEN at Royal St Georges not to mention Team TSGs defence of The Frank Worthington Celebrity Team Event.

Presenting The HALLIWELL CUP

Plenty of opportunity for silverwear but a very tiring schedule as I would soon find out. Since my stroke I have in my mind rolled back the years, certainly playing better golf and felt quite fit, this schedule proved to me I certainly should not neglect what my body was telling me, too much golf and more importantly travelling was definitely having an impact on my well being and Golf an this was not just me TSG stalwart Peg Leg Roger has suffered similarly. th rigours of the 8 days in Scotland whilst so enjoyable are however still as we approach my return to Florida having an impact on my fitness, stamina levels. A much more streamlined summer is planned next year according to matron.

Anyway first he great news. Team TSG triumphed in the Celebrity Team Event at The British Par 3 at the fantastic Nailcote Hall. Skitty, Peg and I were joined by racing legend Bob Champion an appropriate choice giving his illness scares as well. we were quite simply superb as was seen on Sky Sports were we received superb coverage I am delighted to say. 18 under and a massive 6 shot cushion did in no way flatter us. A second British Championship Title for TSG right proud I was Too. Sadly my defence of the Pro am title with Cameron Clark was not to be successful the rails really coming off on day 2 when still in contention. My ball up the tree on the 9th not helping. Still again more TV coverage, pleasure of playing with Seve Benson of the tour and being a guest on the presentation party with Tony Jacklin, completed a most enjoyable week. Roll on 2012.
Proud winners at The BDO 2011

From here we headed straight to Brighton and the East Sussex National for the British Disabled Open. Peg lives local and he and his Mrs cordially lucked after us, sadly Roger and I were not at our best on this difficult track with rapid greens the least of our problems. Rogers shoulder putting paid to his hopes. The competition was fierce, organisation superb and some of the golf fabulous and I made many new acquaintances as well as meeting up again with the world cup guys again. Recognition to Andy Gardiner and Tony Lloyd from Team ngland for their successes.

No Golf but a great Day, Dad, Mum and Son relish the Wembley

experience... Son was in Leeds End HA HA

No respite on travelling although certainly from golf as the next weekend we were down at Wembley watching Wigan lift the Rugby League Challenge Cup but the following week it was down to Sandwich in Kent to play Royal St Georges in the Peoples Open.

more silverwear

In the midst of a period of fine weather it was unfortunate that the final was on a day when the worst of the summers weather hit. Over 50mph wind, torrential rain, really ruined the experience. I never saw a putt hit were the ball was not moving and in on instant a playing partner hit a quite exquisite 20 foot bunker shot to 8 inches only to find after raking the bunker the ball had blown back into said bunker. On he 15th I was faced with a 100yard bunker shot, from a decent lie I hit an 8 iron flush it flew straight up and towards the green, then the wind blew it back some 30 yards over my head. It was simply attrition as players walked in. I am pleased to say I completed all 18 holes, totalled a meagre 21points but finished 5th out of 60 golfers and leading Senior. It was memorable sadly for all the wrong reasons.

Proud to play at Darrens Place

Back on the road again Team TSG headed back to West Midlands golf course for my good friend Frank Worthingtons celeb event. Despite poor Greens, wind, well a little squall after St.Georges our Team overcame a dire turn to all contribute on 7 and 18 which gave us a victory by just 3 points. Pegs Birdie on 18th and Steves par following mine and Kennys pars at 17 proving vital. It really was a team performance as opposed to fantastic golf.

Another spanked down the middle.

So to my 8th consecutive weekend away, the G Tour event at Mottram Hall. Situation here clear, I should already have done enough to be in top 50 for National finals at Belton Wood ( were I won Bunkerfest ) you may recall. I am lying 17th in the Order of Merit, but you can never be sure... More importantly I am lying second in The Birdie Tier and a top 5 place could put pressure on the leader. The weather was again not friendly, the course penal, particularly he rough but I drive imperiously, quite sublime splitting the fairways shot after shot and despite the odd hiccup, play Par Golf and compile 34 points, I realise his is good score because in my fourball, the scores are 21, 22 and 15. My tally sadly finishes one shot short but I am delighted, this second place will catapult me into the top 5 on The Order of Merit and will give me the title in The Birdie Tier. a fine end to my debut on this highly competitive, totally enjoyable, superbly organised tour. A top ten place in the finals and its of to Cyprus in January. I am very confident.

and So.............Its back to Florida. I am playing in two competitions over there. firstly at Championsgate, I am playing in The Golfweek Tampa Bay Tours Major in early October then in the middle I try to regain The Florida Open in Sarasota. also plenty of practice so I'm really raring to go at BELTON.

Remember........... HAPPY GOLF is GOOD GOLF.....

Monday, 25 July 2011

A few weeks of DESTINY perhaps

more of this please

August 8th to 12th The British Par 3 @ Nailcote Hall

I can dream, 2011 as well, I hope so.

August 21st & 22nd The British Disabled Open @ East Sussex National

Sept 6th the Peoples Open @ Royal St Georges, Sandwich

Oct 1st & 2nd Golfweek Tampa Bay Tour Major @ Championsgate, Orlando

Oct 15th The Florida Open @ The Wanamaker, PGA West, Port St.Lucie.

2009 , why not 2011

To defend the BP3 , reclaim The Florida Open is a challenge but I am up for it. The success in Scotland has give me great heart and indeed anticipation. I am now certain to have qualified for The G Tour Race to Cyprus Finals in November at Belton Woods ( were I won Bunkerfest ) so a trip next February to Aphrodite Hills could be a splendid culmination to this years season.

I now firmly expect the new book "Living The Dream" to be ready for an Easter 2012 publication... it would b nice to add one final chapter of success to it. WISH ME WELL


SDGP open and World Cup... more success

the Carrickstone opening hole

In early July, I ventured North of the border to North Glasgow to play in the SDGP Open and then represent Team England in the Disabilities World Cup.... 8 days constant golf helped by superb rather unseasonable delightful Scottish Weather, were for the entire 8 days apart from one day when Tee Times put back one hour it was shorts and Teeshirts all the way.

3rd place at the SDGP Scottish Championship

The SDGP Open was played at the splendid Dullator Carrickstone Course. an impressive 36 hole clubwhich was as befitting this prestigious competition in pristine condition. the parkland Course features two distinct loops the new course, the first 8 holes featuring blind holes, long carries, undulating Greens and particularly penal rough.... were scoring for all in the stableford format was particularly difficult.The opening hole a difficult par 3 really sets the tone but the par 3 fifth....one hundred and seventy yards of carry wreaked havoc on all 3 days with 5 balls lost and just one point scored... I hated this hole. The back 9 , the older established course was a far more enticing prospect.... wider fairways, more bailouts, flatter greens and this is where everyone seemed to prosper. In days one and two to back nines of over twenty points gave me a 3 shot lead going into the final round. Sadly Playing first out, I probably concentrated on keeping young Adrian Canny at bay rather than compiling a winning score... in my defence I had some bad news overnight from back home with the bereavement of a friend.... my mind was not totally on the job in hand.... fair to say however with scores of 35 and 37 in rounds two.... Colin Brock 39, the deserved winner and Andy MacDonalds 39, the runner up... were worthy scores which even at my best would have proved difficult to match... 3rd place on my debut on this tour and a lovely crystal trophy was fair reward and I was well pleased with my form going into the world cup.

westerwood par 3 15th

(my birdie here in The Singles put paid to Scottish hopes)

with the world cup ( rear Peter Hodgkinson)

We then moved down the road to the splendid Westerwood Resort for a four day Ryder Cup Format... I offered to be paired with Team Englands totally Blind Gofer, Peter Hodgkinson who with his wife and guide Margaret formed an unlikely undefeated partnership of 2 wins and a half which helped propel England to 15 from 18 points and a healthy lead gone into the 12 match singles. The Scots gave us an almighty scare on the last day but Peter and I secured the two victories at the end to both remain unbeaten and an integral part of Team Englands world success. it was particularly memorable because of the magnificent hosting of the event by the SDGP and the camaraderie of the teams. I look fwd to meeting up with many competitors at the British Open later in August.

with vice capt Roger pegleg Hurcombe fellow TSG Team member

and Team England Captain Fantastic Tony LLoyd

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

MAURITIUS A prize worth winning

many more pictures on the Facebook The Social golfer site.

Karen and I, visited Mauritius, my prize for winning the British Par 3 in 2010, boy we were not to be disappointed. Staying on the South of the Island at the majestic, stunning Heritage Alawi and having access to the prestigious Golf Du Chateau, made this a vacation to savour, a prize I am so proud to have won. Nothing in my experience has beat this, it is right up there with Kauri Cliffs, Cape kidnappers, Pebble and Sun City. Take a gander at these pictures and I sincerely hope some of you get to play there to one day and visit this idyllic, island paradise situated in The Indian Ocean. A mix of European Culture mixing with Asian and African values and traditions make this such an exciting cosmopolitan place to visit. Tremendous culinary delights, stunning views, friendly people, we hope to go back, got to get some practice in for bp3 2011.

golf du chateau a taster

The show Am defence ended in disappointment for Team TSG, despite a magnificent 28 under, we finished runners up in it, although it has has to be said possible due to rather dubious scoring circumstances, but we shall return. My G Tour return more succesful a top 12 finish propelled me into th top 25 on The Order of Merit, next up Moor Allerton, where I hen hope to ensure a top 50 spot for The Race to Cyprus. Then its to bonnie Scotland representing England in The Disabilities World Cup......THEN THE BP3...... happy days

Thursday, 12 May 2011

BUNKERFEST what success

the fabulous Belton Woods Lakes course

TSG is delighted to report a very successful debut at the superbly organised, rather different BUNKERFEST 2 held at the prestigious De Vere Belton Woods on the second weekend in May. as a birthday present, I attended with my growing old ( hes now 27 folks, unmarried girls with limitless possibilities) and I know I do not look old enough but its true.....

BUNKERFEST organised by that unique brand of distinctive punkish, daringly different golf attire bunker mentality and sponsored by World Renowned STEWART GOLF, makers of putters, bags etc but most of all superb electronic trolleys, as I was later gladly to approve of.... and also by the G Tour... so inevitably it would put me up against many of my peers. the competition was over two days. Day 1 a full individual stableford with many quirky innovations.... power flags were additional points could be gained.... accurate driving holes, putting comps all were your score could improve. Day 2 an team event were the individual scores would be added to give an overall champion.

Take a look at my prize for 1st Place all £ 1500 worth

on Day 1, we played The LAKES Course, not unsurprisingly a course were forced carries were the order of the day. Paul and I were paired with lovely couple SOPHIE and ROB EARLS from Bedford and without the scores we had a most enjoyable often humorous afternoon. Despite by my standards a modest start just 15 points.. after the turn I started to attack the flags and complied a much more respectable 20 points topped up with 5 bonus points giving a total of 40 points which much to my surprise was enough to register a day 1 one win by 2 points and a brand new titlist vokey 60 degree milled wedge... value over £100 to boot.

on Day 2, I was paired with chief sponsor Mark Stewart and Telford businessman and all round nice guy Dave Wright. In truth as a team we were pretty inept but a parners keen to protect my overnight lead they were great. A steady first nine was followed by an imperious 23 point haul after the tun for a second fort points only matched ironically by Sophie Ear who led her team to 2nd Place in the team event and runner up behind me in the main event. Well Done Girl. Our Pauls team paired again with Rob finished 3rd

Fabulous CONCEPT, Superb Sponsors, GREAT LOCATION, wonderful people and great freindships forged. Possibly the best for me being the enjoyment my son had... me thinks he now has the bug.

Friday, 6 May 2011


tsg diary

May 8th to 9th BUNKERFEST De Vere Belton Woods, Grantham

May 18th Publican Semi Final Qualifier Willersley Park, Leicestershire

May 22nd to June 3rd............. TSG BP3 winning trip to MAURITIUS

The Heritage in Mauritius

June 4th G Tour Event Herons Reach, Blackpool

June 6th Show Am Tournament TSG Team defend trophy at Stonegate G.C. Meriden

2010 Show Am Winners Team TSG

June 1oth Salford Rugby League Celebrity Golf Day

June 13th The Peoples Open qualifier Mottram Hall

July TSG plays in Disabilities World Cup representing England

August plays in English Disabilities Open

plays in BP 3

Sept......... Team TSG defend Frank Worthington Classic

Oct........... TSG plas in Florida Open at The PGA in Port St.Lucie

The Silver Coast around OBIDUS, Portugal

Stunning tenth at Praia Del Rey

glorious beaches of Nazare

stunning coastline of the silver coast

A major blank on TSGs travel portfolio had always been Portugal, so when given the opportunity to visit a friends villa Nr Obidus, I could not resist the invitation. The fact that it was miles and light years away from the Algarve, made the decision much easier. The Algarve has long been the main hunting ground for UK golfers but I was far more interested in the new developments around Obidus, known as The Silver Coast or Golden Triangle.

Obidus Castle, straight out of a Film Set

The coast line North of Lisbon remains very much unspoilt after the Tourist Resort of Estoril famed for its Racing circuit. The coastline from Ericeira up to Peniche and beyond to Nazare quite frankly has some of the best beaches in the world, several noted Surfing hotspots and a sensational rugged vista which has splendid sunsets over its ancient cliffs and beyond onto the Atlantic Ocean. inland there are majestic Medieval Palaces and Castles which simply enchant and enthrall. Throw in several outstanding golf resorts and several under construction, this really is a Golfing Vacation destination , very much with an historic past and promising future.

Praia Del Rey, super Links Golf

Praia Del Rey stunning par 3

You can view mre pictures of this superb vacation on Facebook......join The Social Golfer site

17th at Bom successo........do not go long...............

The main course is the top rated Praia Del Rey, oft voted in the continents top twenty and well deserved too. A unique track with the first nine meandering thru the hilly forests and the back nine with the rugged Atlantic as a backdrop. In magnificent condition when we played it... Undulating fast Greens, wind of the Ocean made it quite a challenge too. Within 5 miles of Obidus is the new resort of Bom Successo. Whilst here is substantial property development going on, the course has superbly been designed to weave between forest, climb the rugged hillside and produces splendid vistas overlooking he Obidus Lagoon and beyond. There are several eye catching holes particularly the finishing two. A dogleg downhill par five 17th were any approach long will disappear into a ravine from which recovery would be nigh impossible and what when the development is finished will be a mesmeric last hole. Within 4 miles will be simalar resorts at Royal Obidus due to open in 2012 and Quinta de Obidus 2014. Within twenty mles is he popular Golden Eagle, highly recommended and two small courses at Vimeiro and a 9 holer Botado at The Atlantic Hotel which was in super condition with splendid views when I played it. This is a golfing destination with infinite possibilities I hope they continue restricting the developments so as not to negate the splendid history and beauty of the area as a whole.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Success at Studley Wood and in Florida

Magnificent Redtail, a rising star on the Florida Golf Scene

In a change of plan to the Year as the cold, snow, miserable weather hit the Uk in December, I decided to head to Florida immediately after the delayed xmas scramble at Studley Wood, Oxfordshire were a TSG Team started the year in imperious fashion with Rich Poore and Roger Hurcombe leading the way and tsg and Skitty literally chipping in a bit we cleaned up on a miserable wet, wild English January day.

not how tsg likes to play his golf

all wrapped up.

From here I flew straight back home to Orlando to head to Leadbetters at Championsgate for some serious practice and fine tuning...... a break South to The Keys....... if I would have stayed in Key west any longer then I would have joined Charlie Sheen in re hab.... but what a place.

Grande Pines TSG nearly holes out on way to comprehensive victory

Finally in competitive mode I joined good mate James Rearden and Lawrence Blunk in The Inaugural Usa/uk Challenge were the Brit did the business with a comprehensive victory in the first event at Celebration and Grande Pines by ten shots. in the 2nd Event at diamondback and Redtail, I clung on to achieve a second tile at James expense by a narrow 2 shot margin.

A reluctant James presents Tsg with the trophy at Grande Pines

Special mention to the Retail track near Sanford and Mount Dora. This was Florida Golf at its finest, a wonderfully designed course in exceptional condition. A must I would suggest to anyone visiting Orlando.

And So to my debut on Th Race t Cyprus G Tour beckons at Oulton Hall then my first visit to the highly rate El Chapparal in he Costa Del Sol Golf belt....... back soon..... HAPPY GOLFING


Monday, 28 February 2011

2011 a new season starts well

2010 was a good year, what does 2011 have in store

It is rather weird I have swopped an E tour in Usa for a G Tour in Uk due to commitements this year away from USA but I have been told I can guest in USA if i am in states whch is great news. thank you Mr Tom Mirus Tournament Director.

The 2011 Schedule is begining to take shape.

Jan....... TSG Team win delayed studley wood xmas scramble..... more to come later on this..

Feb........... TSG wins Inaugural US/UK Challenge in USA...

March 11th.......... 1st G Tour Event at Oulton Hall.......

april...................... trip to portugal to obidus and praia del rey

apr 1th................ tsg team event at Hesketh Hall southport.

may........................ winning bp3 trip to Mauritious

June 4th............... TSG Team defend Show Am Title

June 10th.............. The Social Golfer Open

July........................ World Disabilities Cup in Scotland

August................... Defence of BP 3 titles

Sept....................... J R Classic Tenerife
TsG Team defend the Frank Worthington Classic.

Oct........................ Florida Open

nov....................... Toys for Tots Open

Dec....................... TSG Team Studley Wood Defence

a full year some new destinations and publication of living the dream and planning sticks down roote 66.for 2012............... happy days golfers...

good health n smell those roses