Thursday, 12 May 2011

BUNKERFEST what success

the fabulous Belton Woods Lakes course

TSG is delighted to report a very successful debut at the superbly organised, rather different BUNKERFEST 2 held at the prestigious De Vere Belton Woods on the second weekend in May. as a birthday present, I attended with my growing old ( hes now 27 folks, unmarried girls with limitless possibilities) and I know I do not look old enough but its true.....

BUNKERFEST organised by that unique brand of distinctive punkish, daringly different golf attire bunker mentality and sponsored by World Renowned STEWART GOLF, makers of putters, bags etc but most of all superb electronic trolleys, as I was later gladly to approve of.... and also by the G Tour... so inevitably it would put me up against many of my peers. the competition was over two days. Day 1 a full individual stableford with many quirky innovations.... power flags were additional points could be gained.... accurate driving holes, putting comps all were your score could improve. Day 2 an team event were the individual scores would be added to give an overall champion.

Take a look at my prize for 1st Place all £ 1500 worth

on Day 1, we played The LAKES Course, not unsurprisingly a course were forced carries were the order of the day. Paul and I were paired with lovely couple SOPHIE and ROB EARLS from Bedford and without the scores we had a most enjoyable often humorous afternoon. Despite by my standards a modest start just 15 points.. after the turn I started to attack the flags and complied a much more respectable 20 points topped up with 5 bonus points giving a total of 40 points which much to my surprise was enough to register a day 1 one win by 2 points and a brand new titlist vokey 60 degree milled wedge... value over £100 to boot.

on Day 2, I was paired with chief sponsor Mark Stewart and Telford businessman and all round nice guy Dave Wright. In truth as a team we were pretty inept but a parners keen to protect my overnight lead they were great. A steady first nine was followed by an imperious 23 point haul after the tun for a second fort points only matched ironically by Sophie Ear who led her team to 2nd Place in the team event and runner up behind me in the main event. Well Done Girl. Our Pauls team paired again with Rob finished 3rd

Fabulous CONCEPT, Superb Sponsors, GREAT LOCATION, wonderful people and great freindships forged. Possibly the best for me being the enjoyment my son had... me thinks he now has the bug.

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