Sunday, 1 July 2012

LIVING THE DREAM Release details

Here it is, in all its glory.... The Social Golfers second book...."Living the Dream"..... A golf and Travel book that covers my continued recovery from stroke.... featuring sections on Competitive Golf..... my efforts around the globe, some success, plenty of failure but a plethora of great memories.
My epic Round the World in 80 day trip is ofcourse well featured as are  my other trips to destinations not normaaly considered as Golf Hotspots but readon!!!  TSG will always find some golf.... even in VENICE.....   Disabilities Golf is ofcourse covered as well as a general po pourri of golfing trivia, jokes and humour always found in 19th holes everywhere.
      Book will also be available on ebay.... Hardback, full colour over 250 pages   £14.99  $20.00

                       Team TSG, Villa legend Bobby Thomson, TSG, Peg and Skitty
                                               Clinch another title
The Official Launch quite fittingly will be at THE BRITISH PAR 3 at the revamped, more difficult, splendid Cromwell Course at Nailcote Hall.  Pesky RICK CRESSMAN (Mr BP3) has put more water hazards in play.

Prior to this TSG and Peg (Roger Hurcombe) head up to the home of Golf at St.Andrews for a week long festival of golf. If the boat from China ( bringing my books ) is not delayed I may have some available here. We shall see.
Reunion Where I won on the Golf Channel Tour... Guuys make hay before I return.          

July is shaping up to be quite a busy time.. TSG PRO   Mark ( the HONEY) Mouland is on tour both in Europe and the Champions Tour in USA.... i am pleased to say he his playing some great very competitive golf.... must be all my tips.  LOL....  Peg is off to Holland for the Dutch Open, with Andy Gardiner ( the new Czech Open Champ) in the EDGA ( disabilities) Tour. Good luck to both guys.
David Bulger has been joined by Paddy James Rearden on the Golf Channell AM Tour in Orlando. I wish them well because when i return later in the year, I intend to kick their butts.

Mottram last year, can I go one better.

TSG heads of to bunkerfest 3 at Belton Woods, were I did ofcourse clean up last year. Not sure if my game is aquite at same standard think I peeked at our TEAM Social Golfer victory in the Show AM last month..... but youve gotta be in it to win it. Then of to Mottram for the G Tour event I was runner up here in 2011 and I do play the course quite well, so heres hoping. Then St Andrews and the BP3. Sadly as we are house moving it appears I wont make the British Disabled Open  so let Peg, Andy and Tony clean up, I hope.    Then its of to Portugal end of Sept for the Obidus Classic then back to states for the Florida Open and my USA Book Launch.

KEEP WELL and in GOOD HEALTH......                 HAPPY GOLF is GOOD GOLF....
                                                               Hit it HARD MY FRIENDS

The Last time the Florida Open was at Kissimme Bay in 2009 look who won!!