Sunday, 25 May 2014

2014..... A special year

The year has been somewhat changed from my normal schedule, I played on tour in January at the majestic Eagle Creek and had hoped to return in April to play at celebration, Disney and defend at Fox Hollow.  Karen sadly contracted pneumonia whilst in the states in January and I felt unable to head back to Florida whist she was recovering. Pleased to say she his now well and back on her feet.

So as of May bank holiday, I have just played in two events.... Both successful. In a British Inclusive Golf event, Team TSG dismantled the field to clean up with 93 points.   At Carus Green, I played inane SDGP event and won the top 20 order of merit points available with a net four under score.

In June, I am heading up to the renowned Roxbrughe course in the borders representing BIG against the SDGP in a Ryder Cup style event. August see the best at Nailcote, the British Par 3. Can Team TSG make it four in a row. Can TSG add to my five titles.

October will see my return to Florida to see if I can go one better than last year and recapture the Florida Open.

  Then I head of to Mesquite, Vegas, Neveda to represent the Rest of the World against the USA in the Phoenix cup, returning to Florida to play in a Golf a Channel Event before returning to the Uk for the anticipated births of my new three grandchildren.... Golf n kids. Luv it... Luv life.