Monday, 15 June 2009


When it's too hot to golf or shop in Naples there's only one place to go!
Last week , Matron and I took several days off to head south down the gulf coast to Naples, self styled and named golf capital of the world. A bit pretentious perhaps but who am I to pass comment, the best damned social golfer on the planet? We stayed in the magnificent boutique hotel the Escalante, superbly located on 5th south and third in Old Naples, simply the best location in town. Like Miami it was too hot to golf, never less than 102 during the day. No wonder it was quiet, the holiday seasons runs from November to Easter, then it becomes a ghost town but it is a truly, quaint, beautiful city, sensational beaches, great shopping and quite outstanding restaurants.

The golf would have been sensational and so cheap…. PGA recognised courses for less than 20 bucks inc compulsory buggy. Prices do significantly rise during November to March I am reliably told. On the way back we visit Venice, I ask you Venice and Naples in a week and never left Florida! Venice is smaller than Naples but has the same charm, I have also played golf here and can wholeheartedly recommend the Lake Venice Public Course. Not for the squeamish who are afraid of alligators, like you Mr Roberts. John avoided all water like the plague on this trip after seeing two alligators in his first round at Providence. On the news the other day, a local was explaining why so many alligators are on the move – they are all on the tap, it’s the mating season. That’s why they were eyeing John up either that or they were hungry, back to Lake Venice, the sign says it all, another Callaway bites the dust.

Would you play from this hazard? Don't think so it's breeding time for the locals. The alligators are on the move!

Final Observation: In the scrambles I have played over here to raise money you can buy Mulligans and that got me thinking…The Scots invented the game and gave us these silly rules like playing the ball in a divot, whilst the Irish gave us the Mulligan. I guess that fully explains the difference in the races.

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