Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Most Challenging Course in the World

Back to the Golf, when I knew Hawaii would be on this trip, it was inevitable that Koolau would be on the agenda. rated as the most difficult course in the world at a slope rating of 152, then how could i resist.

Carved out of a magnificent tropical rain forest on the side of the 2000 foot Koolau Ridge Mountain Range and features winding ravines, extreme elevation changes and breathtaking views of the mountains with cascading waterfalls. This is truly a spectacular setting which inspires from hole 1 to hole 18, Golf digest rates the final hole the hardest hole 18 on the planet.

It proved to be one of the most inspiring golf experiences I have ever had.

The course is owned by the local Presbyterian church which is appropriate as whilst the course designed by man its gods gift, the volcano, the forests, the ocean which truly make this memorable. The clubhouse and facilities are actually under the church, its the first time I've gone to pray before a round but most appropriate. I once more found myself with a Canadian from Alberta this time way up North called Ron and another fine guy he was too. W both played steadily, I shot 90 with 6 lost balls, no mean feat. Ron went 11 holes before the wheels came of, he found the going hard the back nine were the carts had to stay on the path and the climbs we had to endure thereafter.

The 18th is truly formidable. Off the front tee you are faced with a 220 yard full carry over a ravine filled forest to a narrow fairway, this par 4 then leaves you with a further shot of over 2oo yards over another gorge filled with trees and tropical forestation to a narrow slick sloping green surrounded by bunkers. A 6 and no lost balls is a good score and thats all I got.

it is said you need as many balls as your handicap here, so I beat the course. There simply is no respite, the forest begins were the fairway ends and anything a foot off line is lost.

Extreme Golf at its best, but truly memorable. There are over 30 photos of this tremendous course on the social golfer fan site on facebook.

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