Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I'm a Celebrity at The West Midlands Golf Course

The Ledge Skitty, Gentleman Tom and El Bandito Ralph on the 15th Tee after Ralph got us playing it the wrong way down the 17th, Ralph blames Tom, Tom blames Ralph, Steve is confused.

I was given the pleasure of representing a Stroke Association Team at the West Midlands Golf Club in The John Lowe, Frank Worthington Charity Classic..... I did some book signing before leading my merry trio as their appointed celebrity to 3rd Place with 92 points. On a fine course in glorious weather it was great to meet up again with Peter Shilton, Shell Macrea ( singer The Fortunes) Bobby Thompson so soon after Nailcote and the BP3. I won the nearest the pin on the magnificent 18th (Aka Sawgrass). The wives then joined us for a memorable evening at the Manor Hotel in Meriden. The presentation saw us given the winners prizes by mistake, Theres no way I was going to hand it back without milking it for all itwas worth. A fine day finished with a book selling which raised further funds for their charity Cancer Research. We also met a team from the British Amputee Golf Association, this was of great interest to me with my experience in The Disabled Open in Florida and gives me the contacts as well as impetus to involve these great guys in THE SOCIAL GOLFER OPEN, which I anticipate running next year.

The 18th a super climax all carry at 140 yards , I hit a 5 iron to ten feet for the nearest to pin, mis the birdie putt but finish a fine round with a Par. A Great day, Great People, many thanks to John, Frank and Des Blee Promotor for inviting me..... not sure the Term Celebrity really applies to me but so what.............

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