Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Whilst travelling to Hilton Head, it was my great pleasure to come across a fellow golfer, Mr Vincent Lawler, Vinnie was traveling to the Island for an annual reunion with his brothers. On the hour long flight we exchanged many golf tales and it transpired that he was a budding poet having penned the following missive for his favorite club, that is till I cured his slice by simply suggesting dropping the right foot back a bit. Perhaps this most durable of clubs in his bag will now have a bit of a rest now the big boy has come to the aid of the party.

The Three-Wood

Whether fine-crafted persimmon or tempered metal, the Three-Wood is always prepared to play.
Perhaps, not the biggest club in the bag, but others never fail to acknowledge its durable presence.

The Three-Wood sails the straight and consistent route. Strong and versatile. Soaring just a little bit higher than most, providing a balanced perspective.
What a game!

Its mark is true whether in the fairway or in the low-rough. Adjusting to the conditions. Never complaining about the lie.
It’s a match with any “big stick” when things are teed up, but it has no equal when the ground is level.

No need to impress while there’s yardage unmet. The “click” of a true, clean strike, its sole proclamation of lofty performance. Deferring always to the strokes played by the other clubs in the bag.
A unified vision for the round. Passion for the game.

Over the years, the Three-Wood has hoisted its many spheres like delicate progeny. Respectfully. Occasionally, dimpled by discipline, but always better prepared for the journey ahead. A legacy without par.

The Three-Wood’s essence has remained unchanged over the years (though the times have brought some minor expansion on all).
It has always anticipated and adapted, though never yielding to the fads nor the clamor for excess. That’s not how the game was meant to be played.
Semper fidelis.

And, now the turn has been taken back to the clubhouse. Still, plenty of fairways left to play. But, time, nonetheless, to pass the scorecard to the upcoming foursome - it has served its purpose well. For a new measure of success has sprung from challenges met and wisdom gained in the years of competition.
Mastery of the game.

Today, triumph comes in looking back upon endless links of achievement. For This Three-Wood has gracefully conquered both distance and terrain throughout the years, and along the many miles traveled. Yet, the course most to be savored..... the one to be perfected, remains that familiar green meadow nearest to home. VL

Once again on my travels I was fortunate to meet such a fine fellow gentleman and golfer, thank you Vinnie for allowing me to use your splendid piece. In my bag of course its the 5 wood that takes the plaudits, it is still black and blue and battered after the constant use it had at Hilton Head were it was needed on every approach, It was crying it was used that much. Perhaps the above tribute will encourage me to do a similar for my 5 wood, the work horse of my bag, the John Deere Tractor, the Jimmy Bullard etc, etc.,

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