Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ode To The Social Golfer "He who loves to Golf"

whilst in venice, I came across this poem by american poet and artist SUZY TORONTO, even Matron agrees this accurately reflects my approach to golf better than anything she has seen.

Some Golf for exercise
Some for the thrill of competition
Others for Social or business contacts


You play simply for the love of the game
Doesn't matter where or with whom
Golf is in your blood

You dont even care
who kicks the ball out the rough
or fudges the score card
because its all about being on the course
only in competition with yourself

Perfecting your swing
and sinking the putt
Playing the game it was meant to be

Yes Golf is in your blood


I commend this to all my fellow social golfers as our official anthem.

Whilst in Venice, I acquired two superb limited golf prints of HILTON HEAD, obviously to reflect my Tour Nationals visit and Pebble Beach to celebrate my round the world trip. i could have filled my case up such was the quality of the work, I was truly in my element. For evidence of this go to or Thanks Greg, I could have cleaned you out if matron had not already butchered the card

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