Tuesday, 10 November 2009

KISSIMMEE GOLF CLUB, Venice, The Art Fest and No room for my clubs

To keep in form prior to my last competitive rounds this trip, on Friday 13th, hope thats not an omen, I am playing in the Lakeland Golf Classic. I decided to visit for the first time Kissimmee Golf Club. In the literature it expounds itself as probably the best value golf in the are, some claim that but its not without some foundation. For less than 40 bucks it really is quite good value. The course located next to Kissimmee Municipal Airport, really more of what we would call an aeredrome, the Sound of the planes can become a little tiresome as the course meanders around the airfield. Very untypical Florida course, more of a parkland uk style course, not over long, superbly maintained and with excellent greens, I joined a father and son, the two Georges, down from Pittsburg and had a most enjoyable day. I played the best first nine of my tour, shooting 38 and driving supremely. The Back nine reverted to type but I had a great day on a very nice if not too challenging track, thought the people most friendly and i would return. Approach to the 12th, only 280 yards,dare you go all the way.

Last weekend we returned to visit for the Art Fest Weekend. This was my penance for us missing the annual Craft Fayre at Mount Dora, I was in Hilton Head, so Karen and I booked in the magnificent Horse and Chaisse Inn just two blocks from Downtown Venice with mein hosts Jon and Lois. The B and B experience in Florida is a truly rewarding experience and at The Horse and Chaisse you are assured the best that southern home hospitality can muster. The breakfasts are a true social experience were every sweet toothbud is catered for, not one for the diabetics. The art Fest was very enjoyable with well over 100 stalls with the best of local crafts and arts on display. Matron was in her element and the cash card took plenty of clog. When she packed, matron even though we were only going for 3 nights, took two cases leaving no room for my clubs so clearly this was going to be a spend spend not golf golf weekend.

yes I did enjoy this, although my wallet did not !!!!!!!!!!

On the sunday with the continuing good weather and as matron needed some exercise, should have took her clubs, we went strolling down venices totally unspoiled beaches collecting shark teeth, why they all come up here, needs further research.
what a spectacular coast line.

This coast has many fine golf courses and as a social golfer it satisfies and ticks all the boxes including the main one of keeping matron happy.

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