Tuesday, 26 January 2010

UPDATE and Apology

Hi fellow social golfers from the magnificent kauri cliffs new zealand. I am behind on my golf reviews for two reasons................

1. im having a feckin shite hot time and too pie eyed to up date regularly ...........and

2. i have met soo many great guys this trip i want to write about and involve further..

so update on moore park, sydney and here at the unbelievable kauri cliffs will follow from auckland at weekend when i have a golf break. First I have to visit cape kidnappers on hawkes bay, what a put out that is, i think not, cant wait.P

Plenty of pics as usual on facebook, they get them first so kids can see i am ok and looking after matron. become either a friend of me ian william halliwell or the social golfer to access these.

There now follows a pictorial Tribute to some of those I have met on this trip, thanks guys it was a pleasure. good golfers great chaps.... best tribute i can give.
With John from Canada at moore Park a fine gentleman running round the course in retirement.

With Jason a London Financial Wiz again another Canadien at Kauri he finishes birdie, par, eagle awesome. good guy on his way to kidnappers to celebrate his 40th will see him there, hes the ultimate soc golf been to more places than me, will try to get him involved. ps kicked his butt in putting comp at kauri

First round at Tassy, 3 Great Guys, Paul Dent prodigious hitter from Queensland has to use a big stick and could be scratch.....Dave Page from Tassy only aussie prepared to talk cricket and Nick Ponris from NSW who played superbly to win his class. 3 GENTS
Last Day at Hobart, again a real pleasure to introduce Stephen Bakewell and Peter Barter from Victoria and Peter Jones frm Broome WA. We had plenty of fun in the bunkers, hey lads
Days 3 and what a jovial threesome and trust me they will appear in the book, what fun we had that day, would not talk cricket but never mind... Nick Ponris again, Warren Adam from Victoria and Gary Harwood from Tasmania ast but not least Ian Hoffman from Victoria who I had the pleasure of meeting in 08, Peter McClennan from Tassy, (Ned Kelly, Bandito) who stormed our category, well done pal O aint bitter and Peter Jones again who travelled 30oo miles to play, its a big country aus.

All winners in the Bar at the end, Great Time, Great Event, Great Guys

Just to wet your appetities coming soon Kauri Cliffs, awesome or what!

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